How Much Will a Mobile App Cost Your High School?

Estimating the Costs:

After seeing all of the benefits mobile apps can provide your high school, the next logical question relates to cost. To get a general idea, check out the following articles from around the web:

  1. iPhone Development Costs - OS X Daily

    “it’s not unusual for an iPhone developer to charge well over $100/hour to do contract iOS development, but realistically the hourly range is anywhere from $50/hour to $250/hour”
    “Relatively Simple or Small App: $3,000-$8,000″
    “More Complex or Recognized Brand App: $50,000-$150,000″

  2. Want to build a mobile app? Here’s how to convince the CFO –

    “A Forrester report last year [2009] set the price of a no-frills app at a minimum of $20,000 – and reckoned a more sophisticated app could set you back up to $150,000.”

  3. How Much Will my Mobile App Cost to Create? -   Accella, a mobile app development company

    “Simple, static apps typically fall in a price range of $8,000.00 – $20,000.00 (per platform) depending on the amount of information that has to be displayed in the app.  Dynamic apps generally average from $12,000.00 – $30,000.00 (per platform) depending on the complexity”

  4. The Cost of Building an iPad App –

    “For a nice but simple app…your total budget is around $35,000.”
    “For a nice high end app…at the end of the day, your app will likely cost you at least $200,000.”

  5. iPhone App Sales, Exposed – TechCrunch

    “the average total development cost [iPhone only] amounting to $6,453″

How Does myHighSchool App Compare?

  • Our app platform offers rich functionality and features, as well as customizable designs.
  • iPhone, iPad, and Android phone native apps are included.
  • We offer a variety of pricing models to fit your budgetary needs, including monthly/annual payment plans.
  • We can also build you a customized, companion mobile website.

We focus specifically on the high school app niche. While each school district is unique, much of the functionality and many of the features required in their mobile apps can be duplicated across the industry.  Our time is spent customizing design and any special features needed by our clients, resulting in a great product that fits their needs at an affordable price.

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